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Market FAQ'S

Mesa Christmas Market Dates and Hours


When:  Nov 23 – Dec 22, 2018

Hours: Fri – Sat 5-9 pm

Where: McDonald and Main St in Downtown Mesa.


   Admission is Always FREE!


     Where is the Christmas Market?​

            We are joining with Merry Main St on McDonald and Main in the same location as the Mesa Christmas Tree, which at the lighting last year had               over 5,000 visitors. Also located down the street from the Mesa Mormon Temple Christmas Lights which enjoys over 100,000 visitors during                 the Holiday season.

     When is the Market open?

            The Market will be open during the hours of Merry Main St 5-9pm Fri and Sats. on the days open.

     Where do I park for the Market?

           The link below connects you with parking in downtown Mesa. The parking areas around the market are:  Gold, Purple, Green  and Orange.      

              Click Here

     How do I get there?

             The link below connects with the Downtown Mesa Page and provides you with instructions on different ways to get into downtown.Click Here

     What else can I do at Merry Main St Click Here​


     Is the Market outside?

            This is an outdoor market – vendors are arranged in festival tents that you can enter and be protected by the elements.

     How do I become a vendor?


             Please visit our Vendor page to learn more about the vendor application process.

     How do I become a sponsor?

            Visit the sponsor page to see sponsorship levels. To become a sponsor, please email                                       


     How do I perform at the market?

             Please email tmcmperformances@gmail.com

     For more information of all activities on Merry Main St, visit: http://merrymainst.com